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About Dr. Edith Shiro

Dr. Edith Shiro is a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in Miami, Florida, where she specializes in trauma. Passionate about her work,  has worked extensively with a diverse population who struggle with a wide range of emotional and daily life issues, including immigration, emotional and sexual abuse and violence, school shootings, loss and difficulties in relationships and communication. She works with individuals, couples, families, adolescents and young adults.

Born in Venezuela, Dr. Edith Shiro emigrated to New York from where she holds a master and doctorate degree from Yeshiva University in New York. She did her post-doctoral certification in Couples and Family Therapy at the Ackerman Institute, and a certification in international trauma and PTSD from New York University’s International Trauma Studies program.

Active and highly visible in her community, Dr. Edith Shiro sits on the board of Jewish community organizations, music and art institutes, and nonprofits. She’s been a volunteer psychologist for the Red Cross since the World Trade Center terrorist attacks when she was asked to conduct follow-up counseling for affected individuals and their families.

Dr. Edith Shiro is a regular on TV and radio. Fluent in Spanish, she is an expert guest for Latin-American outlets such as Univision TV, Despierta América, El News Café, Un Nuevo Día in Telemundo TV, and Primer Impacto, among others.

She is recognized as an expert in the field of Posttraumatic Growth (PTG), and has done considerable research on the aftermath of trauma in Cambodian, Latin American, and other refugee populations, including Holocaust survivors. Using her five-stage “Trampoline Model,” she offers a blueprint to develop coping skills and resilience, and to achieve posttraumatic growth.


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